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Your website and a thank you note
« on: August 06, 2017, 06:30:27 PM »
Salam, I will be short in my writing.  I am very pleased with your work and for finding your website with Allahs wills.  As I begin to ponder on Islam and Quran, I began to realize that we need to take charge for our guidance and put Quran at the core.  Most of us dont.  I dont like the idea of that reject all hadit and islamic history.  Similarly I am not in agreement with more traditionalist suni (and shea) interpretation of our deen.  Your work is unique as its centers on the Quran and also takes guidance from our collective historical sources (non imposing).  I had many questions which are gracefully addressed by your website.  I have been pondering over Quran for a long time as well as other sources.  I use common sense as well as the notion that Allah desires ease for us, that his commandments are flexible to cater to differentiating circumstances that we will come across till the end of time.

I appreciate the effort you are putting in.