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« on: December 21, 2017, 01:16:49 PM »
Assalamu alaikum,

This forum appears to be waning unfortunately, and I'm not sure what the future of it might be.

Let me then take this opportunity to thank Joseph Islam and all those who have directly and indirectly contributed to his works.

Before stumbling on I was surely a lost soul, a Muslim by name and but not a Muslim of understanding.

From the principles expounded in this website I have learned much and now I think I understand better.

And what an exhilarating feeling it is to understand, and how sad and utterly beautiful is Islam the religion and God's creation.

As a result of this understanding I find myself in constant combat with the yearnings of my mind and body and the restraints issued to me by my soul. This combat has increasingly become visible to me in stark relief. Life is both easier and harder at the same time.

And this I think is how it should be, for that is how we grow. I do not think I would want it any other way. But I am sure that I will face the harshest of punishments should I waiver. Such is my fate and I hope I am successful. May God be merciful.

This is not a goodbye. Only thanks is  given. So once again I thank you all and wish you all my very best.


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Re: Thanks
« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2017, 07:03:10 PM »
Dear Shahmatt

Wa alaikum assalam

Jazak Allah Khair for your kind words and for sharing your sentiments.  :)

If I may, I'd just like to share my own humble thoughts on this forum.

The purpose of this platform was always to accompany the main website (, a further repository for thoughts and a place where I personally could also engage directly with the readership.

The intention was always to focus on quality of content over quantity, though with 12,515 posts at the time of writing, one would argue that there is considerable quality content to be referenced with the grace of God.

The intent of this forum is to maintain this focus without it necessarily turning into something akin to a social media platform like some other forums, quality remaining key. The moderators also do a great job to run this tight ship with a view to keep to this vision.

Therefore, I am perfectly happy during quieter times as much as I am when the forum is very active. At times, one's questions will be answered, at other times, they wil not. People will come and people will go as they quench their desire for learning or at times, debating / arguing as they simply disagree. 

Others will dip in and out as they so desire given their time commitments or relative interest. It's simply a casual forum where thoughts are shared with academic rigour as support to the main website. A database for information.

Therefore, please kindly do not see it any other way. 

As I've always believed, 'truth' whatever it may be, does not belong to one person or a group. When one is convinced of a truth, it is just as much their responsibility to pass on that truth if they are able to, as much as it is anyone else's responsibility in a similar situation.

I would also like to thank all those kind, loving souls that have and are continuing to contribute to this forum. You know who you are.  :)

Finally, for the purpose of this particular thread, thank you for all your contributions hitherto as well dear Shahmatt.  :)

'During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act' 
George Orwell

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Re: Thanks
« Reply #2 on: December 22, 2017, 01:13:33 AM »
Wa 3alykum assalam

Dear brother Shahmatt

It was nice to read you comments. I think I felt what you are expressing. It was deep. May Allah(swt) give you strength and patience and protect you from wavering. Insha'Allah you succeed in the sight of God.

I understand how truth can effect the lifestyles of those who take heed from it Alhamdulila. It is easier for sure as truth is comforting and Insha'Allah may Allah(swt) increase us in truth and faith. It is also fearful and harder as now every step is calculated from trying not to disobeying the Mighty Lord. With certainty and truth one feels more responsible. May Allah(swt) protect us, and Insha'Allah He does not misguide us after guiding us.

I feel when certainty is felt, life cannot be lived as carelessly as it was.

Alhamdulila for meeting all the bothers and sisters on this forum. It is a blessing Masha'Allah.

I feel the quiet moments are somehow special. I look at it that people Insha'Allah are getting answers and understand there is much literature/information somewhere on this site therefor are content.

I remember before I joined the forum I was actually hesitant in joining. I never joined a forum or even remember writing anything before. But from the quality of the website and information Masha'Allah had me checking back and forth before I joined. Sometimes when it was to active I felt I was missing out on lots and in the times of quietness it gave me the time to go over them. Alhamdulila for everything.

Insha'Allah there will always be brothers and sisters who will be here to support all those who need a hand or a kind word.

Alhamdulila for meeting all the bothers and sisters on this forum. It is a blessing Masha'Allah.

Thank you also brother Joseph for your humble thoughts.

Asalamu 3alykum  :)

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Re: Thanks
« Reply #3 on: December 22, 2017, 03:54:19 AM »
Wa alaykum Al salam

I am also extremely grateful for finding this community. It has been of great support over the years. Especially when one feels there are no like minded folks around them. I would like to thank Brother Joseph  and all the Forum members for their efforts and support. May God guide us all to the straight path and keep us from wavering in the face of adversity and trials. Indeed Truth is liberating but also a huge burden. One's accountability arguably increases when truth has reached them. But at the end, the mercy of God found in the Quran is far more valuable than the adornments of this world. I hope this fully sinks in my heart. May God make us of those who hold on the book firmly and allow us to be beacons of truth in a time where falsehood prevails.

Thank you all.

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Re: Thanks
« Reply #4 on: December 22, 2017, 11:03:51 AM »
I am happy to learn that the forum will likely still remain for the foreseeable future.

Thank you all for the replies and kind words!