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Where do rights come from? (Tom Woods' audio podcast)
« on: September 19, 2017, 11:55:29 AM »
I am sharing herein a podcast episode from the Tom Woods show which I found interesting:

Tom Woods is an American historian and libertarian. In his podcasts he conducts interviews and discusses a variety of issues related to libertarian ideology, the Austrian school of economics, history, law, Christianity and many other general topics.

A link to his other podcasts (now more than a 1000 episodes) here:

Though he is not a Muslim, nor does he discuss Islam or the Quran, I personally have benefited greatly from his show as he has helped me to deconstruct and make simple seemingly complex topics like economics and politics. What I find fascinating is that this additional knowledge, simplified to its absolute fundamentals, is broadly consistent with a Quran-centric understanding of the world. I therefore recommend these podcasts to any Muslim because they have helped me to appreciate God's works better.