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The Prophet in Palestine after his Death
« on: July 21, 2017, 10:40:22 PM »
Hello Friends,

One of the most interesting differences with traditional Islamic literature with non-Islamic historical contempoary, or soon after the Prophet, is the following:

-   All later Islamic literature, written centuries after Muhammad, presents Muhammad as being buried in Medina in 632AD.
-   However more than 10 independent sources, near contempoary to Muhammad and in diverse regions and cultures, all speak of Muhammad personally entering Palestine in 634AD.

This subject is studied in the book, “The Death of the Prophet.” A part of the conclusion was that the revised later history was a part of the “Arabization” of the muslim movement.  The other is that when we look at the Qur’an as a whole, its’ emphasis is that they believe they are in the last days before judgement. With this, the focus was upon a move towards Palestine.  In reconstructing events, Palestine is the  primary “Sacred Geography”, with Mecca secondary. A sample of the verses of the view of the end of the Day of Judgement is below.

I would be interested to hear your thoughts….

“The matter of the Hour is as a twinkling of the eye, or nearer” (16:79), warns the Qur’an. The Day of Judgment is “imminent” (40:18) The “Lord’s  “judgment” or “the terror”—“is about to fall” upon the world “none denies its descending,” and “there is none to avert it” (52:7–8 51:6 56:1–2). The chastisement is in fact near (78:40 see also 27:72, 36:49), and the Qur’an promises that the punishments of hell and the bliss of paradise will be known soon “with the knowledge of certainty,” that is, at first hand (102:3–5). The Qur’an rebukes those who disregard its warning, threatening that they will soon behold the Hour and its punishments with their own eyes (19:75). The Qur’an also refers frequently to certain signs, particularly astronomical events, that will herald the Hour’s arrival (for example, 45:17), and some of these, it would appear, had already occurred within recent memory. Surah 77 warns, “Surely that which you are promised is about to fall.”