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Salaam all
So one of the more scholarly persons in our family was advising a young man who wanted to marry a particular girl that Allah the Almighty might put obstacles in his path whilst he is pursing this marriage quest.

Then he farther advised that the young man should view these obstacles as a sign from Allah the Almighty, and back off or stop pursuing .
Does the Quran have any support for this ?
I felt this reaction was a tad harsh and if one were to read prophet Moses story , it was riddle with obstacles that he overcame with Allah the Almighty help and guidance.

Jzk and kind regards

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Re: Impediments/obstacles upon a path a sign from our Almighty creator
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2018, 11:33:53 PM »
Wa alaykum al salam,

In my humble opinion, the best way to look at the situation is through a logical lens. You see, obstacles can be interpreted in opposing ways. So if for example you were going to a mosque and you find an obstacle blocking your way. You could probably assume that God is testing your will of wanting to go to pray. ie: will you find an alternative way to reach it or will you just give up. Arguably in this case the obstacle can be regarded as a test of will power. However, if for any reason one was on his way to a bar. And then God puts an obstacle in his way. Then one can probably assume that this is God giving a second chance for one to think about his actions. In this case it would be wise to back off.

What I am mean is, an obstacle, or lack thereof, is no indication on its own of whether one should proceed unto a matter or not. But only when these obstacles are placed on a foundation of logic (like the two examples above) could they infer a deeper meaning.

In your case, the best thing to do is to determine whether this women is a suitable match or not. And accordingly those obstacles could be interpreted as warning signs or as a test of persistence.

Hope this helps in a small way.