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To Whom It May Concern
« on: January 29, 2019, 03:23:22 AM »

Do you really believe in GOD?

Then why you go to the doctor when you are ill? While GOD can heal all your illnesses?
Why you ask someone for a job? While GOD is capable of doing everything?

And you say,
You alone we worship and You alone we seek for help. [1:5]

Qur’an says,

Did the people think that they be left that they say: "We believed." And they are not being tested? [29:2]
Do you order the people with the righteousness and you forget yourselves, while you are reciting the Book? Do you not comprehend? [2:44]
And seek help through patience and through the prayers. And that it truly is a great/burden except on the humble. [2:45]
And most of them will not believe in God except while setting up partners. [12:106]
...Anyone who puts his trust in God, then He suffices him. The commands of God will be done. God has decreed for everything a measure. [65:3]

Peace and best wishes
ومن يتوكل على الله فهو حسبه