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« on: March 21, 2019, 04:06:02 PM »
There are only two sects in whole world. One is good ideology and another one is bad ideology. No people are bad in this world or born evil. Its the situations or circumstances that drive them to be like that. It is time to learn not to hate any muslim, jews, Christians, blacks, white, brown, any speech, thought, voices, sects, articles, scriptures, notes etc. except the ideology what violates any Quranic messages. Ofcourse, at the end of the day, the actor/the culprit of violence or representator of such violated ideology needed to be punished as well so that better future can be assured. Remember, an evil can be anyone from your family, neighbor, state or country including you. Similarly, A good person can be anyone from your family, neighbor, state or country. Even an atheist/non-believer/fire-worshipper can be a good person, it is just their ideology which is to hate only in such scenario.
“And no example do they bring to you but We bring to you the truth and the BEST TAFSEER (EXEGESIS).” 25:33

The best commentary of the Qur’an is the Qur’an itself!