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9:30, Uzair son of God Belief
« on: December 16, 2019, 06:19:34 AM »
Salaamun Alayka,
Dear Sir Joseph,

I found this in one of the threads here, do you agree with Muhammad Asad's explanation of 9:30?

On the other hand, Ezra occupies a unique position in the esteem of all Jews, and has always been praised by them in the most extravagant terms.

It was he who restored and codified the Torah after it had been lost during the Babylonian Exile, and “edited” it in more or less the form which it has today; and thus “he promoted the establishment of an exclusive, legalistic type of religion that became dominant in later Judaism” (Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1963, vol. IX, p. 15).Do the Jews Call Ezra the Son of Allah? - About Islam

Ever since then he has been venerated to such a degree that his verdicts on the Law of Moses have come to be regarded by the Talmudists as being practically equivalent to the Law itself: which, in Quranic ideology, amounts to the unforgivable sin of shirk, inasmuch as it implies the elevation of a human being to the status of a quasi-divine law-giver and the blasphemous attribution to him – albeit metaphorically – of the quality of “sonship” in relation to God. Cf. in this connection Exodus iv, 22-23 (“Israel is My son”) or Jeremiah xxxi, 9 (“I am a father to Israel”): expressions to which, because of their idolatrous implications, the Quran takes strong exception.

And this:

I also received this explanation from my YouTube subscription:

Can you please share your view and understanding of this charge on Jews not found in their belief system?

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