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Salaam all,
32:39 mentions a "day of decision" which if Allah is referring to judgement day, would suggest everyone that is dying is being raised up for their own judgement day within a period of many years of judgement. I can't seem to find anywhere a judgement day for all souls within one earthly day. Does the quran have such a concept of potentially having trillions of raised up souls being judged in one earthly day?
Also 32:14 talks about a meeting with Allah on "this day of yours". Is it fair to say we are being raised up after we die, for judgement, throught a period of many years with each soul having its own appointment with Allah the Almighty.

Kind regards and peace to all.

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I am not sure if there is an implication that it is over several years. Could it be that it will feel like a day but it won't be an Earth day because we will be in a different time and dimension?