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Please be notified that attached mentioned Hadith statements clearly mentioned some indications if you study in context, take heed and take wisdom out of it.
In these statements, principally “four terms” are addressed along with the “key message” which is appeared in Hadith “Chapter Name”. Please note in general that, hadith statements are torn away from many contexts/conversations of the community of 7th century Arabia through chain of narrations/transmissions (Isnad/Sanad) and only valued sentence is appeared in order to maintain the lines with Quranic injunctions. End of the day, Quran has the ultimate religious authority.
Term 1: Illegal sexual intercourse – Sexual intercourse “itself” is lawful (Quran 70:30)
Term 2: Wearing of Silk – Any clothing of righteousness is allowed as adornment (Quran 7:26)
Term 3: Drinking Alcoholic Drink – It is forbidden as per “Chapter name” of Hadith. (Sahih Al Bukhari-Book 74 Hadith 16). But Alcohol “itself” is allowed. For e.g., Hand sanitizer.
Term 4: Musical Instrument – Musical Instrument “itself” is lawful as long as it does not create representation/indications/disturbance as “devil” (Quran 34:10, Hadith: Sahih Muslim-Book 8 Hadith 20 [musical instruments of the devil], Hadith: Sahih Al Bukhari-Book 13 Hadith 2 [musical instruments of satan].
Key Message:
In all Hadith statements, one has to learn how to grab “key message” in order to apply in real current era. Not partial or whole sentence “blindly” neglecting the context. Indications even can be found in “Chapter name” of every hadith statements.
By analyzing upper terms, Hadith statements giving us the message like this,
Overall scenario" where a “segment” of man through forgetting the messages of Quran drink Alcoholic Drinks by calling it another name and through wearing silk attire do illegal sexual intercourse, playing musical instruments of devil with salve girl singing in background. These “segment/allocated” of man tried to spread these scenarios as lawful manner to others and our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) warned against them by indicating MENTIONED scenarios which are “in all-inclusive” violate Quranic injunctions.

In conclusion, Musical Instrument “itself” is lawful according to hadith statement as long as it does not create representation/indications/disturbance as “devil”. Please read full hadith with context for proper info.
“And no example do they bring to you but We bring to you the truth and the BEST TAFSEER (EXEGESIS).” 25:33

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