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Is inserting a Dua in the Quranic Surah an innovation ?
« on: March 30, 2023, 11:42:12 PM »
Pls tell that adding duas in middle of the verses of a Quranic Surah is an innovation or not ? when Quran itself describes itself as fully detailed

eg. I was shared Surah Yaseen with a dua(1st part +2part duas given below) to be recited on every Mubeen (all 7)

1st part is the  Kalima of Rizq and protection:
La ilaha illallahul malikul haqqul mubeen, Muhammadur Rasulullahi Sadiqul Wa’ Dil Ameen 
Meaning: There is none worthy of worship but Allah, Ruler, the Real, the Manifest Truth, Muhammad is the messenger of Allah and he is one who fulfils his promises and is trustworthy.
2nd part:  Salawat  Istaghatha - Pleading for Help to remove all Difficulties, Hardships, Calamities & Sicknesses.  (best read 300 to 1000 time a day)
Aghithni, Ya Rasulallahi khudh bi-yadi qallat hilati adrikni, Ya sahibal Judi wal-karam salallahu alayhi wa-sallam
(Meaning: Help me, O Messenger of Allah! Hold my hand support me, All my strategies are over, Help me, Oh Possessor of majesty And generosity bountiful peace be upon him.