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Salamun Alaikum - Thirsty for Truth
« on: March 10, 2012, 11:25:10 AM »
Hello Joseph Islam, I hope this finds you doing well.

I have happened upon your website and have been reading many of the articles you have provided.

I am Muslim and have been trying to follow the right path of Islam since 2000.

There was also a previous time in my life where I was also trying to follow the right path of Christianity. I was involved with a "sect" of Christianity that did not believe that the "Trinity" was ever mentioned in the Bible and that Jesus(pbuh) was a Prophet and not "god".

I thought I had finally found something that was beginning to make sense to me.

Then I was introduced to Islam. From the beginning of that introduction, it was confusing to me that Hadiths were relied upon more than the Quran and I questioned this. (relied upon by the person who introduced me to Islam).

As of recently, with some hardships I have been facing, I have decided to delve into Islam more deeply, and in doing so, I have been researching online. I have run across websites speaking negatively of the Hadiths. I have visited some of forums on these websites and was actually kind of shocked (in some, not all) at some of the language that was conveyed in these forums. I felt it was like some people were giving their own personal interpretations of what the Holy Quran was saying. There was even mention of "sex before marriage" type of conversations.

When visiting some forums where the Hadiths are reverenced, there was a much more humbling tone and manner in the way people conveyed their beliefs.  Although, there was an undertone of "hate" with regards to someone who didn't see things the way they saw them.

It has left me in a state of a confusion. I am only trying to seek the "right way" and I am finding trouble as to where to seek this information. Reliable information.
I would love to be apart of a community (offline) to help me increase my knowledge, but I know of no such community, except my local Masjid, which I am not apart of, because I have never felt comfortable in going.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write your well-written articles in helping people who are thirsty for the truth to find their way.