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Mindset of the Clergy
« on: November 09, 2011, 06:32:48 AM »
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In my humble opinion, an accurate description of the status quo brother [Name Removed] :-)

Given the wide berth that these 'secondary sources' provide in terms of materials oft with partisan biases, unsavoury narratives, partial allegiances - all reflective of the sectarian milieu through which these sources found synthesis, no wonder the debates are endless.

Where these 'books' become the criterion to judge, an almost alternative scripture results where concepts within them carry even more weight than those present in the Book of God. The Mighty Book, alas, left 'effectively' shackled and 'mahjur' in their diverted minds.

Anyone well versed with these secondary sources can defend almost any ideology, or theological viewpoint that they want with a little mastery of selection and a dab of eloquence in delivery.

Simple verses of the Quran almost challenge the whole corpus in succinct words. But will 'they' take heed?

68:36 What is the matter with you? How do you judge (the right and wrong and their logical consequences)?
68:37 Or do you have a scripture wherein you learn -
68:38 That you shall have through it whatever you choose?
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