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Ali Manikfan, a Living Legend
« on: August 10, 2012, 04:19:38 PM »
Salamun alaikum,
Kindly get introduced to Ali Manikfan, a Living Legend who developed a scientific basis for Islamic calendar, a universal Lunar Calendar (in advance).  In future, days of fasting, Eid, Arafah etc will be observed by the Muslims all over the world on the same day (without the corruption of 'moon sighting'!).  Insha Allah.

Here is below is a brief introduction about Ali Manikfan;

Ali Manikfan can be contacted though his email (As per my experience he never misses any email reply even though he is 74 years of age!)

"He has designed the sun as shining glow and the moon which reflects light and appointed STAGES <Manazil for the MOON so that you may RECKON TIME AND MARK THE NUMBER OF YEARS. Allah has not created this otherwise than in accordance with truth (to fulfill a definite purpose according to His plans).”(10:5)

And see the moon for which We have determined various stages <Manazil  (It appears like a beautiful crescent and then gradually becomes the full moon, after which it starts waning till it becomes like an old date stalk, dried up and curved.) (36:39)

In verse 10:5 Quran clearly says that the Manazil or the phases of the moon determine the dates and it should be the basis for calculation of years.  So any calendar system without taking into account the phases of the moon is not Quranic, even if they are reliable.

Some of his articles can be read in the following links;

Moon Sighting, Problems and Solutions

Hijra Calendar in Quran

Meeqatul Qibla and Islamic Calendar

The exact date of the Prophet's birth

Alhamdulillah always
Kind regards
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Re: Ali Manikfan, a Living Legend
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2012, 10:56:59 PM »
Brother Optimist/ Abdul Samad,

Salamun Alaikum.

Please kindly allow the readers to discern the works of an individual if you do decide to kindly share them on this forum and form their own opinions, rather than pinning titles such as 'living legend' and those of the like.

The forum moderators have already kindly, yet repeatedly, warned you about scholar reverence on this forum. Please take this once again as a sincere gentle reminder.

However, thank you so much for sharing the useful information that you have shared which I am sure many readers will also find interesting. I have already been alighted to the fact that you have shared this view by Ali Manikfan on a thread on another forum. Readers can peruse the contents of that conversation and glean your perspective in more detail below.  Sadly I also felt that at times the conversation unnecessarily descended into chaos and Ad Hominem, although I may add, no fault of your own.

I would somewhat incline to respectfully disagree with what I feel 'may' be an 'insinuation' on your part (given your thread above and the post on this thread) and your statement below, even though you are correct that a present 'solar' calendar is not ipso facto endorsed by the Quran.

So any calendar system without taking into account the phases of the moon is not Quranic, even if they are reliable.

I have shared my general perspective on this below. Albeit there is common ground in our views, I think we do reach somewhat differing conclusions which I kindly share with readers for their perusal.



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