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Praying and Fasting During Menses and Covering the Hair
« on: July 29, 2012, 09:00:04 AM »


Im converted muslims since 39 years, I was Aga khani Ismaili community. Alhamdulilah Now Im muslim and want to be Momin as quran says. Since years and years we are in research we followed Muslims in Pakistan what muslims said we followed blindly we did alot of Ibadah as Muslims think its Ibadah and alhamdulilah since since 7 years we are following quran only no sunnah and hadith of Rasool. Im reading quran translate in our language and discuss with my family in pakistan .

I am facing alot of problems and questions by my surrounding they all are Muslim but practicing Sunnah of Mohammad not sunnat ul Allah.

Since last year im fasting in the month of ramadan and I was visited pakistan today one of my close friend called up and she knew that I have monthy cycle menses she asked how you feel without fasting today I said i m fasting, she said what do u mean I said by quran we can keep fast she said but we dont pray so how can we keep fast ? I simply replied Allah says in only two conditions we can leave fast one is travel and other is illness and we have to fulfill these fast in other days.

And menses is not an illness but she was argue I said which i know by quran i have to follow that, she asked me, ok you are not covering your head normally but when you perform salah you covers your head, and if you following Arabs in Makkah they also cover thier heads when they pray .

I said my friend i dont know about this, I will ask and let you know and i will give you website you can search yourself you can yourself.

How, I deal with this and how i can answer by verses of quran.

jazak Allah khairan

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Re: Praying and Fasting During Menses and Covering the Hair
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2012, 09:01:15 AM »
Salamun Alaikum sister,

There is a difference between covering one's head in an act of reverence and humility as one does when they pray to God and to cover one's hair for an act of modesty between opposite genders.

The problem is the comparison which assumes that both conditions are the same when they are not. Even many men cover their hair when they pray with a cap. However, that does not mean they need to wear a cap throughout the day.

However, many women feel that bedecking the hair is part of 'zeenat', hence such, they should be covered. Although there is no direct instruction in the Quran for women to cover their hair, there is guidance with regards 'zeenat'. The question is whether beautifying and bedecking the hair openly is part of 'zeenat'. This is a matter of judgment.

With regards praying and fasting during menstruation, please see my response in the following post:

I hope this helps, God willing.

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