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Missing Fasts for Ramadan and Compensation
« on: August 14, 2012, 11:26:38 AM »
Sallam Joseph
Although i have consulted the Quran, i am unsure on this.
If fasts are missed (i appreciate the advice is to make up ) and are not made up for, is it correct we must compensate for these in monetary terms?
Does the Quran state WHO the beneficiary should be? (i assume there are no amounts etc mentioned)
Very much appreciate your help,
thank you and sallam

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Re: Missing Fasts for Ramadan and Compensation
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2012, 11:29:05 AM »
Salamun Alaikum,
If the fast is missed not because of the reasons stipulated in 2:184 (illness or journey) but out of ‘choice’, then a 'fidya' (ransom) for it becomes due for each fast missed. This is the feeding of the needy / poor / indigent person (miskeen) and this is to be conducted in at least the same amount in what you would have eaten or more importantly, fed your own family with (5:89)
Arguably, if one cannot find a needy person in the place of one's abode, they could potentially send an equivalent monetary amount to feed a needy person elsewhere on the globe. However, the amount I would personally use is an equivalent to the value of the food I would have eaten in my own country. So if the exchange rate is in one's favour, the monetary value of the meal may feed more than one person in another country.
It is useful to remember that the Quran clearly says that the more one does out of their own volition, the better it is for them (2:184). So for example, if one is blessed to eat well, then they should arguably use at least the same 'affluent' marker to provide a 'fidya' (ransom), or more.
I hope that helps, God willing
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