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Dear Joseph,

How are you ?

I am anxious about a matter.We Muslim people celebrate Eid-Ul-Azha. Here we sacrifice an animal. Isn't it so pathetic? Whenever I look over the whole process of Eid-Ul-Azha, I just feel pain. What is the purpose of this Eid ? Why do almighty has said to sacrifice ? I know the event of Ibrahim (pbuh) where he was ready to sacrifice his son Ismail (pbuh). That was a particular event. There Ibrahim (pbuh) had to face a hard test.But what is the relation between that event to our Eid ? I am just confused.

In Eid-Ul-Fitr we celebrate the eid day because after fasting 1 month we break the fast that day. So the day is a big celebration & blessing for us.But what is the purpose, justness & value of Eid-Ul-Azha (sacrificing an animal cruelly) ?

Hope to hear you soon.

Peace to you.

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Re: Anxious About Eid-ul Azha - Questions on Hajj for Brother Joseph Islam
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Dear Sister,

Peace to you.

In my humble opinion, the sacrifice that pilgrims make during Hajj has no relationship with Prophet Abraham's test. Such a belief only emanates from Islamic secondary sources and not the Quran which provides no proof of this.

Please see my response in my post below to a related question [1]

Furthermore, from the Quran I find the act of sacrifice only compulsory for pilgrims. However, it seems that Muslims who are not even present during pilgrimage feel it compulsory to sacrifice.

Please see my responses to this matter below [2] & [3]:

The two 'Eids' are simply traditional celebrations / festivities to mark certain rites. They have not been prescribed by God as a religious requirement in the Quran. However in my humble view there is nothing wrong with engaging in festivities as long as one doesn't deem it to be a 'religious' prescription by God. [4]

I hope that helps, God willing


[1] Prophet Abraham's Test
[2] Is sacrifice compulsory for those not performing Hajj?;topicseen#msg123
[3] Qurbani During Eid ul-Adha
[4] Eid
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