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The Fath of the Pagans
« on: January 21, 2013, 12:27:26 AM »
Salam Joseph,

I read through the pages you asked me too, and a bit ahead as well. I thought this was a bit irrelevant so I broke to a new topic.

On Page 81 of Robinson's book:

In 26. I18 (N56/E 4 7), when Noah is rejected by his people, he implores God:
"fa-'ftah between me and them and rescue me together with the
believers who are with me."
Noah can hardly have required God to grant him a military conquest.
It is therefore possible that Muhammad already expected a fath during what Noldeke describes as the second Mecca period. Moreover, in 32.28 (N7o/E75), which on N61deke's reckoning is the first of the late Meccan Suras, Muhammad's opponents ask him
"When will this fath occur if you are truthful?"
band of persecuted believers who lived in expectation of a dramatic divine intervention followed by mass conversion.
The departure of the Emigrants was not, however, accompanied by anything akin to the flood which drowned the unbelievers in the time of Noah; the earthquake, which struck the people of Thamild (e.g. 7.73-9); or any of the other punishments, which God had meted out to the disbelievers of old. Almost a year and a half passed before the pagans.

The Pagans, similar to the people of Old, wanted a miraculous sign. They did not receive a sign until after they were warned, and persecuted the messenger. The sign must have been something catastrophic if the Quran's prophecies came to pass.

Is it just coincidental that Midian had an enormous earthquake soon after the Quran's propagation?
All records of these polytheist cities disappear after the 7th Century.
And that the entire region is barren today, as you are an eye-witness?

Could this be Allah's sign that he left for us?