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A sincere thank you ...
« on: January 23, 2013, 01:59:37 AM »
Dear Mr. Joseph Islam, thank you.

Your Quran's Message site is a jewel of understanding, clarity and level-headed guidance, something I so need as I endeavor to understand the true spirit of the Quran vis-a-vis the clutter - yes, I said clutter - of unfounded beliefs, projections, overlays, and harsh forms of social compulsion imposed on Muslims and on the perceptions of non-Muslims from secondary sources.

As I read Asad's "Message of the Quran", I cannot help but notice the number of parenthetical "clarifications" he inserts throughout the verses, making it clear that "THIS" is what the more general statement of the Quran means more "specifically". Where the Quran itself offers a broad statement, the parenthetical insertion narrows it into a decidedly biased point of view. For instance, "adultery" becomes "and all other forms of fornication outside of legal marriage, including ...."

I think it is a crime what secondary sources have done to the purest intent of Islam. Where they have not meddled with the Quran itself (except I feel where they have inserted parenthetical assertions), it is through commentaries and jurisprudence based on commentaries that they have made a mockery of the central message of the revelation. All the emphasis on individual behaviors, and the minutia regarding these behaviors, has really done no more than hang lead weights on the Quran's message and as a result on Islam and Muslims also.

Keep up the good work, and please inform me of updates to the web site as they arise.

As selam aleikum,

A Brother