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Peace - Question on Rashad Khalifa
« on: January 23, 2013, 02:02:29 AM »
Peace brother ,

God bless you for the webpage ,

i just want to now your opinion about Rashad Khalifa ,and the mathematical miracle 19, not because Rashad said , but because the Quran said to follow the Quran alone , and because the Quran make it clear that the messengers olso follow only the word of God , the Quran, i try to count for my self the initials of  the suras and i find that in quran uthmani minimum that i take from tanzil,com , this rezults,

(see the photos that i have sent to you, is my searching)


i cudn't count the for grups of suras that thay have the ALIF , because the pc don't recognizes this this link are all initials numbered one by one, the suras with the initial ALIF don't correspod with the counts of Rashad Khalifa , but they are olso multipe of nineteen ,
and all the other suras are multiple of nineteen, however, and in case that if  only the suras without ALIF are multiple of nineteen ...IS THIS A "koencidensce" ?

scuse me for my english , i don't speak so good , my name is [Name removed] and i live ine greece

I agree with you to follow only the quran , and that the messengers can make mistakes,