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Qabar Parast!
« on: November 12, 2011, 12:24:26 PM »
[Please contact Joseph Islam for further details of the original thread]

Dear all AA,
What is the best approach to edcate and stop qabar parast(grave worshipers)from worshipping the deads on Thursdays,day of the pirs?
Specially,Muslims who don't understand Quranic teaching much.
Please do give some references,resources will be a great help..thanks

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Re: Qabar Parast!
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2011, 12:28:02 PM »
[Please contact Joseph Islam for further details of the original thread]

The best way to educate is to enlighten them with clear verses from the Quran. I am sure brothers and sisters on this website will indeed provide you with many more references. Here are some quickly.

"Say: "Call on those - besides Him - whom you fancy: they have neither the power to remove your troubles from you nor to change them. Those whom they call upon do desire (for themselves) means of access (Arabic: wasilata) to their Lord, even those who are nearest: they hope for His Mercy and fear His Wrath: for the Wrath of thy Lord is something to take heed of"

'And if you would count God's favours, you will not be able to number them; most surely God is Forgiving, Merciful. And God knows what you conceal and what you do openly. And those whom they call on besides God have not created anything while they are themselves created; Dead (are they), not living, and they know not when they shall be raised.'

'Truly you cannot cause the dead to listen, nor can you cause the deaf to hear the call, when they turn back in retreat.'

'For verily you (Muhammad) cannot make the dead to hear, nor can you make the deaf to hear the call when they have turned to flee'

'Neither are the living and the dead alike. Surely God makes whom He pleases hear, and you cannot make those hear who are in the graves'
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