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Banning Slavery
« on: March 13, 2013, 06:38:04 PM »
It is said that the Slavery was banned by International Organisation in1948. I just wanted to know if Allah specifically banned slavery in Quran?Slavery was in vouge during the ministry of our Prophet. In addition to Aya 90:13 telling" Faccu Raqaba" are there specific ban orders for slavery? Thanks


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Re: Banning Slavery
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2013, 06:40:08 PM »
Dear Sardar,

May peace with you.

In my humble opinion, it would be arguably irresponsible on multifaceted levels to expect a Divine scripture that at its heart has the intention to reform a society with deeply held beliefs and practices, to impose edicts without careful consideration and wisdom.

That is the approach one would expect from a human mind and not God. Furthermore, I have not found a more disconcerting approach than one that attempts to critique an ancient document from a modern lens without giving due credence to its associated context in antiquity.

However, the Quran's intention to ultimately eradicate slavery is more than expressed in one single verse of the Quran where the instruction to free slaves is given as an act of a sincere believer who strives to take the more difficult path.

"Have We not made for him two eyes? and a tongue and two lips? and shown him the two ways / paths? BUT HE HAS NOT ATTEMPTED THE STEEP PATH - THE ASCENT. And what can make you know what the steep path / ascent is? (It is) FREEING A SLAVE"

What more needs to be said in light of the above explicit verse brother Sardar which you have also already quoted?

However, if you would like to consult another verse which resonates a similar sentiment, please see the following verse:

It is not righteousness that you turn your faces towards the East or the West but righteousness (is he) who believes in God and the Last Day, and the Angels and the Book and the Prophets and gives wealth despite of his love for it to those of near relatives and the orphans and the needy and of the wayfarer and those who ask and in FREEING THE SLAVES and who establish the prayer and give zakah and those who fulfill their covenant when they make it and those who are patient in suffering and hardship and time of stress. Those are the ones who are true and those are the righteous.”

I hope that helps, God willing.



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