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The Scope of Sexual Permissibility Between Husband and Wife
« on: March 17, 2013, 06:06:36 PM »
Dear Brother Joseph,

What is the Quran's view regarding sexual relations with one's spouse. I know that anal and sex during a women menses are strictly forbidden. Are there any other prohibitions as to what spouses can do with each other?


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Re: The Scope of Sexual Permissibility Between Husband and Wife
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2013, 06:11:17 PM »
May peace be with you.

There seems to be a strong indication in the Quran that infers a sense of permissible scope for sexual relations. For example 'fatuhunna min haythu amarakumu-Allah (then come to them from where God has ordered you) seems to indicate a 'proper / rightful' manner of approach (2:222) or a manner which is considered as the 'natural' way.

This sentiment seems to be supported and then tacitly elaborated by another verse where the Quran says 'fal-ana bashiruhunna wa-ib'taghu ma kataba'l-lahu lakum' (have relations with them and seek what God has ordained for you).  The 'ib'taghu' (seek) seems to point to a purpose underpinning the general intent of sexual liaisons which at its heart has the purpose of procreation.

Hence any sexual encounters / acts between married couples which do not accord with a method that would normally be used for procreation would arguably be contestable on the grounds of such verses.

This is also supported tacitly by another verse where spousal women are described as 'haratha' which implies tillage, tilth or to till the soil (2:223). It conjures up an analogy of a farmer who cultivates his lands, sows seeds during its proper seasons with a view to reap the benefits of the harvest. The allusions with fertilisation cycles and wider procreation are more than apparent. I have also discussed this perspective in another forum. [1]

Therefore, although the Quran does not explicitly define what is permissible within the scope of sexual relations, there is an expectation that a proper / rightful manner of approach is known to humans as the 'natural' way.


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