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Soul Mates Destined? / Wealth Destined?
« on: August 07, 2013, 08:20:24 PM »
Salamun Alikum to all

1. Is every man and women already written for them who there wives/husbands are going to be? also one starts to think that if thats the case then the unmarried and never does get married is also destined to be like that? example. Naseeb

2. And also another thought that fits in with this is, no matter how hard a person works or tries his end result is always going to be the same? Wether sleeping all day or working hard during the ones life, the wealth is determined before a person is born? example Rizq

couple of years ago i had many discussions with friends that always tried to convince me that everything is always written and pre destined and we just cant change anything and some people are chosen over others. I could never understand there points and always replied to them that they heard wrong and was not a islamic belief, there was just something that you guys are missing. But they swore thats what they heard and ask any sheik? But with little knowledge it is hard to explain to people the matters. So I left the matter alone un-answered. And to be honest I also had many doubts about the fact and doubted that the truth is something like that. A person would have the right to say then why would we be tested and put in either a great place or a bad place for something that was pre-destined? when we know that God is a loving God, most just, most merciful and compassionate.

Recently Alhamdulila I read brother Josephs discussions on "Pre-ordained destiny" which it cleared up sooooo much. Jazak Allah Khair Brother.

Now the question is would the same concept be left for marriage and wealth? As this is also a free will and choice of a person?

Any thoughts?