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From a Christian Wanting to Understand Islam
« on: September 21, 2013, 07:12:14 AM »
I would just like to extend a thank you for providing the etymology of the word "khimar". Your site provided an excellent break down from the use of the word in the Quran 24:31. I value the etymology break down like in this example. It mirrors what another Muslim clarified to me (he is both an Arabic speaker and a
degree in Islamic Studies). 
Too often I hear that the people say that Quran tell women to cover their face and hair justified by that verse, as well as apply other verses to oppress women.

I will be coming back often to read your work as I read the Quran (don't worry about  me using it as the only source for interpretation).  Your are a humble servant and do great service by helping others with your work such as helping me as a Christian wanting to understand the Islam of those I can call friends, coworkers and neighbors.