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Wastage of good deeds
« on: December 25, 2017, 07:57:27 AM »
I always believed, by way of understanding verses in the Quran that regardless of one's deen, guidance or state of heart that a soul would always be recompensed for its good and bad deeds. So, either suffer the pains of its bad deeds or gain the rewards of its good deeds.
Then I came across 6:88 where Allah the Almighty says those that associate others with God, their good deeds would have been wasted. This changes some fundamentals on a massive level and I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this. Throughout the quran Allah the Almighty does say he loves the doer of Good deeds and i was wondering if this is directed only to believers or whether I have read 6:88 Completely out of context.

Peace and kind regards

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Re: Wastage of good deeds
« Reply #1 on: December 25, 2017, 09:18:30 AM »
Asalamu 3alykum

Dear brother Miracle114

First I would like to talk about 3 types of people.

1. Those who are belivers

2. Those who the message was revealed clearly but disbelieved

3. Those who don't know about the the message.

Good deeds are possibly done by many different kinds of people. I could assume that not only humble kind loving people do good deeds. There maybe many people who are deemed criminals and trangressors in the eyes of some that may give charity, be kind to their parents and friends, are loving towards animals, help the old, speak good words, honest etc.

From a Quranic prospective there seems to be those who are from group number 2 who received somekind of signs from God but denied them and are in disbelief there deems do not hold any weight in the sight of the Almighty Lord. Because of their disbelief. So there deeds will be like ashes. It truly is a loss.

There also seems to be people who seem to love some things if this world. But they struggle to do good deeds for the sake of God. Those who love money but still give(2:177). There is thoughs who only feed and give for the sake of God.

Doing good righteous deeds for the sake of God seems to be something and doing good deeds for the sake of humanity and the earthly world seems to be another matter.

Good deeds should not be discourage in any manner. However we also note how merciful God is when He tells people that their ill deeds can be turned into good deeds.

There really seems to be a very big purpose in the message of truth and the signs of God and in ultimately the belief in God.

In those who do not know God will not do any injustice to anyone whatsoever.

That is my understanding and Insha'Allah it helps in some way or another