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First life in the Heavens,Second life in Earth
« on: November 16, 2011, 08:58:25 AM »
Peace to All,
Dear Brother Joseph

The Glorious Quran: 67:1-2
Most Exalted is the One in whose Hands is all kingship and He is The Omnipotent. The One who created DEATH and LIFE for the purpose of distinguishing those amoung you who would do better. He is The Almighty, The  Forgiving.

They do not taste death beyound the first death and GOD spare them the retribution of hell.

Say 'Hear is an awesome news that you are totally oblivious to. I had no knowledge about the Feud of the Heavenly Society.

Recall that your LORD summoned all the decendents of Adam and had them bear witness for themselves 'Am I not your LORD', They said, 'Yes we bear witness', thus you cannot say on the day of resurrection 'We are not aware of this'.

Remember GOD's blessing on you and his covenent that HE covenanted with you, you said, 'we hear and we obey'. You shall observe GOD, GOD is fully aware of the innermost taught.

From the above Quranic verses, it shows that we have a life in the heavens, taken a covenant with GOD, put to death after the Heavenly Feud and given a second life in this world. What is your view?

Thank you

Salam Brother

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Re: First life in the Heavens,Second life in Earth
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2011, 10:07:40 AM »
Dear brother Saleh,

Salamun Alaikum.

Welcome to the board and thanks your question.

I do understand the essence of your assertion and do resonate it to some degree. However, please let me share with you my personal understanding on this matter.

Yes, we had an existence at some location (or in some state) prior to our 'physical' birth. (Our physiological state is different from our spiritual state (nafs)). We took a primordial covenant with God at some point before our physical birth (7:172, see also 33:72). This is where our 'innate' belief of some kind of Creator comes from (our 'fitrah'). We also find a reminder of this in verse 57:8. Then we were put to sleep (1st death). We were then given life in our physical state (1st life). We will then be tested in our lives where God will show us His signs in multifaceted forms. We will not be left without purpose (75:36). We will then pass away, 29:57 (2nd death). On the day of resurrection (on the second 'calling' 39:68, 79:6-7) we will be brought back to life (2nd life).

As you can see there are two 'deaths' and two 'lifes'. This understanding also finds some support from the following verse:

"They say: Our Lord! Twice have You made us die, and twice have You made us live. Now we confess our sins. Is there any way to go out?"

With regards the 'Heavenly feud' which you mention, I find this better linked to a period before 'man's' creation in which the ('mala-i-l-ala' (37:08) exalted assemblies) possibly contended with regards the creation of man. This can be read in the following verses:  38:71-85. This dispute can also be read in verse 2:30-34, 7:11-18, 15:28-43, 17:61-65 and 18:50. However, God enforces His will repeatedly and without fail as supreme authority (38:66).

I hope this helps.



12th March 2013

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