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Re: food permissibility ... Halal and haram.
« on: January 30, 2016, 05:18:17 AM »
 :'( :-X
Peace be upon you brother!
And again Jazzak'Allah khair for your jihad in the way of God and taking the job of a messenger(العلماء ورثة الأنبياء)
Dear Brother. Can you have a look at my first question about first and last verses revealed to prophet Muhammad(PBUH), (if you have time)? :

But if you don't, then, this is an Important question: I've read your article food permissibility and prohibition.
And countered some responses from others who were not really convinced by this argument.
They say where in the Quran it says that it is Haram (clearly)? Or it's Najis(unclean/forbidden/unhealthy/Khabees)?
I am seeking answers from our one and only lawgiver, our lord through his وحى - the Quran. Cause Hanafis(the school of thought that I inherited from my family) differ from other Sunni schools and Shias regarding this matter and they will go as far as making things haram by just one unclear report. For example saying horses are Makroh. Wild donkeys are halal ,,,,,,,, 
If we ask what is halal, the Quran answers(الطيبات، بهيمة الانعام، صيد البر و الصيد البحر،Etc)
If we ask what's haram, the Quran answers(الخبائث، flesh of swine, الدم المسفوح Etc)
Now there's no mention of other animals, then, it means the Quran is silent about them.
Which means specially in many articles of yours that it's A BLESSING.
So in this case I think it's neither halal, nor haram. But something in between. Even when there comes the mention of eating dead human flesh God says (فكرهتموه), (so we have something in between like Makrooh after all) and didn't say it's haram. And everybody hates(كره) eating dead human body. Dear brother. If i am not mistaken you said eating dead human body is haram based on the verse that you said was talking about only livestock. So why did you do that, specially when you says that it's only talking about Bahimat Al Anaam ? We know it's haram killing of innocent human beings. But eating flesh of dead human is (كره- مكروه) and not haram - not halal. It's abomination- men abhors it by nature.
Some points:
1-Quran didn't say that it's a transgression eating any other animal that's not mentioned(Did not say: فمن ابتغى وراء ذلك فأولئك هم العادون)
2- Do you think that intimacy(between husband and wife) in fasting nights was forbidden? I don't think so, but I think it was makroh - people weren't sure, just like eating other animals, therefore God made it halal(احل لكم ليلة الصيام الرفث الى نسائكم). And in the day, God didn't say anything, now, we can conclude that it's Makrooh in they day -or maybe kind of transgression / haram, cause it's a kind of breaking the fast by other means(specially sexual intercourse)?? But about simple things like kissing in the forehead is fine. That's why Quran is silent about the day! Means sexual intercourse is forbidden but (الرفث) is not just that!!! What's رفث exactly?  Please clarify this thanks!!

And also about بهيمة الانعام they weren't sure / they didn't had full knowledge so God made it Halal(احلت لكم بهيمة الانعام).
And other animals God is silent.
Dear Brother. What can be worse than insects(I mean for people as food)??
If the Quran is silent about that why not say the same thing about other animals?
Important questions:
1-What about kangaroo, elephant and other herbivores like deers,,,, are they also from بهيمة الانعام and also rabbit ??
2-Is rabbit halal(according to Quran)?
3-does بهيمة means dumb? Then with Cattle, it's called dumb cattle, like sheep and goats and cows that dependent on us and are easy prey for other animals and without us they couldn't survive, meant / designed for us??
 4-if we say ONLY (بهيمة الانعام) Then, according to Quran is it haram wearing a coat that's made from other animal skins (and not from الانعام)?? 
5-what is صيد البر definitely not from livestock, cause one can't hunt them, they belong to other people.
Dear kind Brother.
You're more aware from me that we can't declare something haram/halal
Unless first God makes it haram/halal.
Don't we have something like they have, something like Makrooh?? Or it must be haram and halal and nothing else?
I initially think that God's silent in this matter is also a blessing.
Some cultures they even eat snakes, so if we don't have a cogent argument from God,,, why tell them that this is haram and make things difficult for them ?
I think it's between haram and halal.
Even tho the Quran says that horses are for travel, IT DIDNT SAY THAT YOU CAN'T EAT THEM. And some others have Ahadith saying because of jihad it's Makroh(and not haram eating it). This is very confusing matter!
I think we shouldn't be talking about this,,, and say that the Quran says these are haram and others Quran is silent, like you mentioned that the Quran is silent about insects.
Further questions: some ask what about wild beasts like buffalo and Ox or wild goats and deer are they grazing livestock??
I answered yes
Cause بهيمة includes these animals
Is this correct ?
Subhan'Allah! I did some research and boom!! Shia's saying rabbit is haram cause it's from mouse family and sunni people saying its halal. Isn't this a mess??? Specially when God ordered us not to declare things by your tongue saying this is halal and that's haram. Confused a little bit - don't know what to do. But I hope that my lord guide me to the truth. Also, what do you say about the verse(و على الذين هادى حرمنا كل ذى ظفر)
And then the other verse saying(حرمنا عليهم الطيبات احلت لهم)
So what's ذي ظفر ؟؟
I searched sources from Sunnis, theyhave different opinions from the Ahadith one saying every predators the other saying donkey and others saying its from Anaam ...

Some saying mouse is from the family of (حشرات الارض)
And you said Quran is silent in this matter.
I understand this.
I know that I should do all things(research) by myself and with the help of my lord I hope that I find my way. But asking you is I think the right way to start with !!
Our lord explains things best and he has the best answers: (25:33) whenever they put any strange question to you, We sent its right answer and explained the matter in the best manner."