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Dear Brother Joseph,
Ramadan Kareem . Salamun Alaikum. Is there sections of Muslims ( submitted to God) ? Many Muslim scholar says that specific “Followers of Prophet Mohammad”. They say the first man whom God will raise in the Day of resurrection will be Prophet Mohammad ( Pbuh) . Any warrant in Quran for this concept ? They also say all prophets will be the followers of Prophet Mohammad ( Pbuh) ? My question is necessary to be followers of Prophet Mohammad (Pbuh) or to be followers of Islam ? 

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Salaam Beyond Tradition,

There is nothing in the Qur'an saying anything about Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) being the first to be raised on The Day Of Judgement or that the other prophets will be following him.

We as true believers should make no distinction between the prophets of God who are all in their own way so special and important.We do not know how God ranks them nor should we.

What you mention is derived from secondary sources and please be aware that this story is talking about the unseen future.

The only authentic information about the unseen future is mentioned by God Himself in the Qur'an to make it clear to us what lies ahead.

In my opinion it actually describes this  in ample detail and that is more than sufficient for us, yet human nature always seems left wanting.