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« on: March 04, 2013, 04:57:26 PM »
The term 'saba' (7) in the Arabic language can also denote a multiplicity. In verse 15:87 where the term 'saba'an minal-mathani' is encountered, a possible more consistent rendering 'several of the oft-repeated' was argued for. If viewed in this context, the verse could then arguably be considered as a reference to its core teachings which are repeated throughout the Quran in various ways. This would also be consistent with verse 39:23

Bro. Joseph Islam, I happened to read your above two posts.   Wonderful explanations!!   What is normally translated as "seven oft repeated" was always a mystery for me.  Earlier I had verified almost all the Quran translations and all translators were linking it with sura fathiha, except Parwez who “translated”  15:87 as “We have given to you directives in the magnificent Quran, and annals of history which repeats itself, in support thereof (39:23)”.  I cross check with Parwez since he is the only translator I know who does not rely on secondary sources to translate Quran, even though he does not go for word by word translation due to his own reasoning that meaning will be lost (many of the verses can not be understood) if  word by word translation is given.   I had at that time actually ignored his comment "annals of history which repeats itself" since I thought Parwez is going beyond the meaning of the verse and I had no clue why he is making such an interpretation.  You have done good effort to bring the correct meaning.  The usage of "seven" is in line with what we normally say “across seven seas” to mean several seas, not exact number 7.  I am curious to know whether you have translated/ or if you have any plan to translate the Quran since almost all available translations are based on secondary sources.   According to me, it is a serious case that all translators have failed to get the intended meaning of verse 15:87.

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Re: 15:87
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Dear Islamist,

May peace be with you.

JazakAllah Khair for your kind comments and I am happy that some of the arguments proved of some interest to you Alhumdolillah. Anything good is a blessing to us both from God, and errors and mistakes are our own.

With regards translating the Quran, this is one of the most popular questions I get. I have shared my humble sentiments on this issue in the following link.

Your brother in faith,
Joseph  :)
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