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Islamic Duties / The ways of dhikr
« on: September 17, 2013, 12:37:35 AM »
Peace and blessings to everyone,

My name is Javier, from Spain. I'm really enjoying this "middle" and balanced approach to Quran-Only perspective. Special thanks to brother Joseph Islam for such a superb web, for his written contributions and his excellent etiquette within debates.

I would like to open a topic on the ways of dhikr. In his article 'Pray as we have taught you how to pray' it can be read:

"Dhikr' in the Quran covers all forms of remembrance of God including prayer but is not restricted to it. The Arabic term 'ma lam takanu ta'lamun' (What you did not know) mentioned in 2:239 combined with 'dhikr' is most likely to cover all general aspects of monotheistic 'dhikr' (remembrance of God) as dictated by the Quran and includes prayer."

In traditional islam, dhikr is a devotional act involving the recitation or letany of Quranic verses, Hadith excerpts, various kinds of supplications, Names of God...
1 What are the general aspects of monotheistic dhikr?
2 What is the Quran-Only view on the usage of pre-established formulas of remembrance for everyday acts: waking up, working, eating...?

Thank you.


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