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This article has been transmitted a lot recently in my homeland, and in my native language, but I managed to find it in english for you.
It seems to confirm a hadith of our prophet pbuh, in which he says that there is fire inside the earth and sea under that fire, and it also seems to confirm a quranic verse. I can't recall the hadith exactly, but here's the quranic verse: "Allah is He Who created seven Firmaments and of the earth a similar number." (At-Talaq, 12, Yusuf Ali translation).
Dear brother Joseph (and other forum members), what is your opinion? I am aware of the Quran-centric approach, but I'm asking because this is often being used as a fact to prove the equality of the ahadith with the holy Quran: science confirms the facts mentioned in Quran, and it also confirms the facts mentioned in the ahadith, so ahadith are equally divinely authoritative as the Quran.
Selam :)

Discussions / Best wishes for Eid Al Adha
« on: October 03, 2014, 07:57:58 AM »
Salam alaikum QM forum moderators, brother Joseph, and all of brothers and sisters,
I just felt it in my heart to wish you a happy Eid - may Allah bless you with health, success and happiness you and your beloved ones, and may He guide us all to the straight path, to the path of those who have earned his grace.
May God bless you all :)

Islamic Duties / Are blood transfusions sanctioned from Quran?
« on: September 23, 2014, 09:42:58 AM »
Salam alaikum brothers and sisters,
I've been asked this question today from my sister, and I'm not sure about response. Here's why.
Many of you are familiar with serums and infusions. If because of any health issue we can't feed ourselves through our mouth as usual, we are 'fed' through our veins, so the body is provided with food materials that would normally come from mouth. This is also the case during massive blood loss in accidents, or other conditions - we are 'fed' with blood through our veins.
Although there's no verse in the Quran that directly forbids blood transfusions, I am aware that blood transfusions were not known to 7th century Arabia, and the only known way to get something inside your body was through your mouth. And eating blood (getting someone's blood inside your body) was declared unlawful.
And yes, I am aware that "saving a life is like saving all mankind", and there may come a situation that someone's life would depend from that transfusion. But think about it - if you would be in a difficult state, and a doctor would tell you that a daily dosage of alcohol is your cure, would you accept it, even if it is not through your mouth but through your veins? I agree that blood and alcohol are not the same thing, but they have both something in common: both of them are unlawful from entering your body .
What is your opinion of this, brothers and sisters? Brother Joseph, do you have any advice for this?
Selam, God bless you!

Discussions / Assalamun alaikum
« on: September 01, 2014, 04:09:48 AM »
Dear brother Joseph, Forum administrators, Forum members, peace be with you
I'm Seraphina, the nr.1 fan of brother Joseph and his works in the area I come from :)
I'm honoured and pleased to be a student of brother Joseph, and now a member of this wonderful blog, where I will interact with many brothers and sisters in faith (something that I'm deprived of in the area I live in).
I didn't figure out any other way to post these words except as a new topic, so forgive me if there is a rule forbidding it.
I will strive to be worthy of trust and respect of all of you, especially of brother Joseph.
May God bless you! :)

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