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Ancient Ties Restored
« on: November 20, 2013, 08:48:02 PM »

My name is [Identity Removed], and am currently doing Post Graduate studies in Islamic Studies. I just wanted to say I am very impressed with your site!!

I am  from the Monotheism outside of Islam belief, and have been studying with some Islamic scholars for over a decade. Some areas that are not on your site that I am interested in, or have slightly differing views are:

- The connection with the Hawaariyuun / Jerusalem community following Nabi Isa, through to Mecca, Waraqa Bin Nauffel etc. It would seem that as every year goes past, there is a realisation that the Prophet Muhammad was an extension of the Hawariyuun.

- For me personally, I find it easier to read the Qur'an as a Holy Book with a secondary purpose and proclamation of bringing reform within Christendom, drawing them back to their origin of being rooted in Hebraic belief. This is why even though my theology is Islamic, I do not become a Muslim as Christian conversion was not the purpose of Prophet Muhammad.

- I do not hold to significant textual criticism of the Injil, except for concrete variants which are mostly Christological. In having a low view of scripture contradicts the Prophet himself. HOWEVER, I believe the Qur'an is a call to reinterpret Paul, as people such as Hans Kung are doing. Christrianity is the unnatural branch which is grafted in to the "Religion of God" (the natural branch), the Semitic monotheism.  In that sense, Christianity is grafted in to Islam, and the 2 become 1.... This is the mystery of the Injil.

Anyway, these are some initial thoughts, I would love to correspond, in particular my Muslim friends would love to translate some of your materials if possible. Keep up the good work!!