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Your Website
« on: January 24, 2014, 05:28:18 AM »
Dear Br Joseph Islam,

   It is not too long that I came across your website while doing my routine independent research. I always wished to do justice with Quranic words but after going through your research articles I quit. It cannot be more thoughtful and perfect Mashallah. Please continue your efforts and we will continue our efforts by suggesting people to this website Inshallah. I am sure honest truth seeker would not argue.
The verses below are approx. 75% applicable on Muslim community:

43:22: But they say; “Indeed we found our forefathers upon a certain way and indeed we are guided on their footsteps.
43: 24: He said, Even if I brought you better guidance than that upon which you found your forefathers. They said; “Indeed we disbelieve in that which you have been sent”.

If I replace term of 43:24 “forefather” with “Imams” and add in 43:24 “better guidance (Quran) than that (Hadiths inconsistent with Quran)” These are now approx. 97% applicable.

   I always observed whenever conventional “Islamic scholars” sit down the outcome is “Division in Islam (New Firqa) and whenever revert scholar strives outcome is honest and true picture of Islam”. It’s been a while that I only prefer studying Revert Scholars like Jeffery Lang.
   I am crazy for Gary Miller’s lectures but unfortunately he is very limited when it comes to writing articles and giving public appearances. I never thought any scholar would be able to bypass Gary Miller. By the grace of God you are no less. A scholar like you one in 100 years would have been enough in last 1300 centuries to uplift the true message. I sincerely pray at least one scholar per century in the future.
I would also like to modify George Orwell for you (My humble appreciation)

“During times of religious deceit, telling the truth (Quran) becomes an Evolutionary act”

Inshallah the efforts you are seeding will evolve in perfect form with the help of God. Would you please allow me to post my thoughts? I never had any account or open discussion online stuff etc ever. Not completely sure how it works. But your forum is a noble cause.

Just few lines about me; I have a MPhil in Molecular Biology, PhD from UMASS (USA) in Cell and Molecular Biology and pursuing Post Doctorate in Clinical Stem cell signaling mechanisms.

I do not know my mail reaches you or you like to reply personally. However, I will be excited to hear your permission and reply. May God keep you and your family in good health.