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Need for Abolishing All Discriminatory Laws Against Women
« on: November 17, 2011, 11:16:18 AM »
Thought you may find this interesting.

Is is no doubt a good news that with the passage of Women Bill, there is going to be women emancipation from the clutches of extremist Mullahs which had imposed all such anti women traditions like Karaokari, marriage with Quran to prevent inheritance and protect the Wadera system and their so-called rich blood, Wani etc. Still much is needed. The NA should also end the infamous and much exploited Hudood laws imposed by the great bluffer on Islam, Zia Ul Haq to please the Mullahs and continue in power till death. Hundreds of women are rotting in jails on unproved charges of Zina etc.
All women organisations, sincere and liberal leaders, media and TVs should take up this big issue to abolish all such discriminatory laws against women. We should also put an end to Talibanisation of our country which actually is not according to our DEEN of peace and progress. But the illiterate Talibans who don't know ABC of Islam are spoiling the image of our great religion by practicing extremism, deviations, terrorism, killing of innocent people through suicide bombings and blowing up girls schools, shopping malls, video shops, barber shops, Mazars and Masajid. They also cut the throats of those who oppose their barabric action in the name of Islam and stone couples to death on Zina charges not allowed in Quran except 100 lashes.
To end all such exploitation of Islam, all Masajid and Madressahs should be nationalised as Islam is a state religion of Pakistan and it is the duty of the State to manage all religious affairs. All religious parties, groups, Tehriks which are exploiting Islam for their selfish ends and their dictatorial rule should be banned. The religious litereature should also be under state control to end various deviations, excesses, extremism, sectarianism, exploitation of Maslak and Fiqah differences; promotion of weak and un authentic Hadiths, sayings, tales and stories not in conformity with Quran to confuse and deviate the Muslims etc. We should all save Islam from exploitation and deviations. Quranic teachings through its translation and explaining the directives of Allah along with authentic Sunnah in conformity with Quran  ( 10 : 15, 64 / 18 : 27 )should be made compulsory in all schools and Madressahs to make our students well equippped with Quranic knowledge to lead a good life of peace and progress and to avoid all sins and evils, Shirk, Bidah, un Islamic customs and practices, exploitations and misguidance by the Taghoots, Pirs, Faqirs, Aamils, vested interests, commerical Mullahs; Satanic influences etc. All sincere Aalims should come forward to promote Quranic knowledge to Ajmi Muslims to follow the right path of Allah. Thanks.
Syed Sadruddin Hussain,
On. Canada.       

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Re: Need for Abolishing All Discriminatory Laws Against Women
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2012, 05:45:08 AM »
a very beautiful calling. I fear however that it is still too early, we are too few and too small now to change something in the crowd. The old traditions are so bogged down and spread because it is difficult to shake the foundation.
But what we should do is open discussing with far-sighted scholar, we educate ourselves so that the acceptance is growing compared to us and we can not be dismissed as a conspiracy "jahudi or 'conspiracy  'Shia'.
I see the way in learning and spreading the truth, we are all called to do something small. Once run, that people who call for 'real' Islam are not  more in danger of being killed, then we are already one step further and can organize ourselves more.
i think everyone must try his her best to spread the real message at home by friends, in school, etc.
And Allah is with the believers.

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Re: Need for Abolishing All Discriminatory Laws Against Women
« Reply #2 on: September 28, 2013, 12:13:14 AM »
Salaam, Mubashir, Sayed Husain, Chadiga, and all members.

But 'who will bell the cat?' In our community we have the most appalling phenomenon of influential people and people in power behaving in the manner of 'fence eating the crop'.

Along with working sincerely towards what Sayed Husain tried to explain, we have to pay special attention: 

(1)  To strengthen our Salaath. Be silent regarding what today appears like Salaath. Work towards instilling life into it, by strengthening it from inside. In other words, campaign scrupulously and steadfastly to inculcate in the Musalleen a vehement desire to follow with rapt attention whatever portion of the Quran is recited in Salaath.

(2)  To start Madrasas that pay the required attention to Al Quran.

If children of average intelligence, plus an average capacity to handle any one language, preferably, (in the Indo-Pak Subcontinent), either Urdu or English, are admitted into such a madrasa, we can create in them the capacity to recite any portion of the Qur'an by heart (that is, graduate as Huffaz), and also at the same time to be able to follow the meaning thereof in just one year.

In order to inculcate the capacity to follow the meaning during recitation, two periods, one in the morning, and another in the evening must be dedicated to the teaching of Arabic grammar with reference to Al Qur'an.

At the very beginning of the academic year, the students must be well trained to perform Salaath following with rapt attention the meaning of Al Fathiha and whatever little more is commonly recited in Salaath. You will be surprised to find their character improving day by day, insha Allah.

As their character improves, their intelligence also will skyrocket, and you will see that they pay more and more sincere attention to their studies, and pass out of the academy with flying colors and true revolutionary spirit, insaha Allah.

A. Ismail Sait.