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To Joseph

From my observation by exploring alphabetically in all words in Quran  Sa means the way. The established way, the way it works, the way should to be taken, the way to achieve and others. And Ma means energy flow makes something works, moves from one state to another state, something required to work.Ma is noun and Maa is verb.

So Samaa means to run, to make the way works.

Similar with Saba'a. It means to develop any kinds of efforts to gain, to reach goal. 'Ain is to make evident, clear, observable. Waa means of the authority to act and Ti means final, no other movements. For all it is Allah authority to to bring to final state whatever efforts to reach state of something. Wal ardh means the act of interest charge to change.

This conclusion comes from exploring alphabetically its Quanta so it will have the same meaning in wherever this alphabet in Quran.

Sorry, really i never learned Arabic language.Comes from reading Quran with heart so may be right may be wrong but needed to be considered,

I hope.



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Re: Samaa is Heaven or Sky - Quranic Reinterpretation - For Joseph Islam
« Reply #1 on: June 26, 2016, 09:23:43 PM »
Dear Sir / Madam,

Wa alaikum assalam

If I said to an English speaker that the word 'Oct' implies eight and 'opus' is a reference to an artistic corpus of work, and thus 'Octopus' means '8 large artistic paintings' what credence would such an approach carry?

As I trust that you will agree, not only would such an assertion be potentially ridiculed, it would have absolutely no academic merit / warrant.

May I humbly yet strongly recommend that you do not follow this approach to Quranic interpretation / methodology? It has absolutely no warrant and it is the Achilles heel of some 'Quranist' factions who in my humble opinion have wreaked havoc on the Quranic interpretation by making up alien meanings to well-known Arabic words and fundamental Quranic concepts. Please kindly see references below. [1]-[6]

If you are sincere in your approach to the Quran and Quranic scrutiny / interpretation that you seem to imply, please may I kindly, humbly, yet strongly urge that you give respect to well attested Arabic words / meanings and or learn the Arabic language to gain at least some proficiency that will enable you to conduct a cogent interpretation of the Quranic words.

I hope this helps, God willing


[1] Questioning the Basis of the Arabic Language - A New Fangled Approach of 'Some' Quranists
[2] The Unfounded Agenda of Some Quranists
[3] Misuse of the Quranic Narratives by 'Some' Quranists to Legitimise 'Modern' Consumption of Alcohol
[4] Two Crucial Differences Between the 'Quranist' (ism) and 'Quran-Centric' Approach
[5] Quran-centric - A powerful position indeed!
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