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Inner Conflicts - Quran alone - Way to Go Forward - Salaat Guide
« on: December 14, 2015, 01:43:36 AM »
Dear Joseph, 
Aslamu alykum, for the past few months I have been in inner conflict with my heart and mind, due to me discovering about 'Quran alone' group. Prior to that, I have been offering prayers (suni method) and blindly following hadiths. After browsing through many 'Quran alone' websites, instead of clearing my mind, i have been in even more discomfort and feel really lost. Anyhow, I decided to completely give up on hadiths (sahi bukhari) after reading through some of the offensive ones that contradicts the Quran (stoning to death, killing kafirs etc..).

My question to you is that what is the correct way to perform salat? Since, many Quran alone websites share different opinions, such as 5 salat vs 3 salat, only reading verses from the Quran, not  reading darood Sharif  and number of raka's.

I have been really depressed lately and don't know who/what to follow. I have watched your video regarding 5 prayers a day and It made so much sense than praying 3 times a day. Plus it clear my mind and I'm certain that 5 prayers is the way to go.

Since we should offer prayers to God alone, do you think we should say extra stuff, such as 'darood sharif'?

I hope you can provide me  with a detailed guide for performing salat.

Thank you
Allah Hafiz

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Re: Inner Conflicts - Quran alone - Way to Go Forward - Salaat Guide
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2015, 01:45:37 AM »
Wa alaikum assalam

Please don't feel depressed. When truth is manifested, it initially can have a big impact on one. This has been the way of those today and those that have gone before you. One only needs to study the Quran to note how even the mighty prophets struggled with inner conflicts when the truth was first manifested to them.

I am not 'Quran-alone' and I make it quite clear respectfully, that I strongly distance myself from this approach and its various flavours. Some Quran only positions / interpretations are so alien in my humble opinion, that one wonders whether what they follow is a completely different religion.

I describe my humble approach as 'Quran-centric' which I strongly believe to have been the approach of the Prophet and also early companions [1], [2].

With regards prayer, please see my response [3] below.

I hope this helps, God willing.



[1] The Quran-centric Position
[2] Two Crucial Differences Between the 'Quranist' (ism) and 'Quran-Centric' Approach
[3] How do I Pray Ritual Salaat from the Quran?
[4] My Humble Advice
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