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The term 'Junub'
« on: July 12, 2017, 09:24:23 PM »
Dear All,
Assalaamu 'alaikum

Many exegetists translated the term 'Junub' as ceremonial impurity.

In my humble view, the term refers no any specific impurity but it represents the state of being impure (any impurity which should be washed).

From Qur'an itself we will get the meaning of the term. In 4:36, the term 'Wal jaari-l-junubi' means 'the neighbour (who is) distant/not close/farther away'

Since the verses 4:43 and 5:6 say about purification prior to Swalah, here the term may refers 'a state of being impure (being distant from pure state)/ a state of being distant from Allah' (because- "He loves/likes the pure/clean”, 2:222)

So, in 4:43 Qur'an says, "Walaa junuban illaa ‘aabiree sabeelin hataa taghta’siluu" (And nor distant (impure/unclean), except crossing/passing a road/way, until you wash yourselves) and in 5:6 "Wa-inkunthum junuban fatwahharoo" (and if you were impure/unclean so be purified/cleaned).

So it tells the importance of being clean, we have to wash quickly if we came in contact with any impurity. "Walaa junuban illaa ‘aabiree sabeelin hataa taghta’siluu" (4:43) tells that we should not be in a state of 'being impure' except the time of crossing/passing the way to wash/clean it (to reach at water).
-my current understanding. Verify for yourself -17:36.
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