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Arabic Alphabet Learning Material
« on: July 20, 2017, 09:01:25 AM »
I always wanted to be able to read the Quraan in Arabic and hadiths but growing up in the west I felt like I could not do it. Even though I grew up to Arab parents, I still could not read or write, can you imagine that? So I gave up on that goal at the age of 10, I completely lost hope and gave up on that goal on trying to read the Arabic alphabet and start being able to read. I didn't try to learn after the age of 10, I had totally given up, until I had to take a Arabic and reading course while studying at the Islamic University that is online called KIU. In my first semester I had to take a Arabic alphabet course to learn how to read and combine the letters and as soon as I started I loved the course, I thought it would be really boring and hard to follow and I took the same course before at IOU but it was just audio lessons so it was not easy to follow. I decided to create and make my own course like it and I intended to charge a far lower fee then the University and I did that but now my course is free on YouTube. I know many people don't like prerecorded videos lessons thinking it's not a effective way to learn, well, this method is a effective way to learn. But if you prefer live lessons, I can not say who is a good institute since I never tried any myself. I would try a free trial of any instructor and see if I liked the learning style and course material. I know of two different pre-recorded video lessons providers and based on few videos I have seen, I didn't really like the learning style. And one charged $1000 for a life time access to the course which is really a joke, I told him no one will pay $1000 for a arabic alphabet or arabic vocab course because no one has that kind of money laying around.

Self taught books do not seem like a good or effective way to learn because it is really hard to self teach a language but I guess it's not possible because my brother did it.

A good book I used is the same book we used at the Islamic University and you can likely find a free version of it at IOU, and they may now have the arabic alphabet course free there with video lessons instead of just audio lessons now. It was at the free diploma section when I took it here.

MadinahArabic is not a good option in my opinion but I have not tried them myself but I contacted them and they were rude along with eallim and Arab Academy although Arab Academy was less rude, but I can't say if they are good at teaching arabic. And I tried to work briefly with work for a Quraan academy that I can't recall the name and they were also very rude. Manners and kind treatment even without any gain and empathy towards others is very important to me. I found arabic institutes and Quraan institutes as among the rudest and least caring people which is a big shame.

I intend to review a few institute and add them to this resource page that I have made along with a few books from amazon or programs that maybe good but for now my free YouTube course is at that link:

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Re: Arabic Alphabet Learning Material
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2017, 01:27:29 AM »
Salamun alaykum

Alhamdulillah. Thanks for your contribution.  JazakAllah khair :)