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« on: October 24, 2018, 03:07:11 AM »

1. To uphold the Quran as the final divine testimony and authority for believers.

2. Rejects the 'authority' of any other source as a divinely ordained religious source for believers.

3. Continues to engage with any secondary source to better understand communities in antiquity, their thoughts, expressions and how they interpreted / practiced their religion. This is only with a view to extract wider wisdom if possible. This engagement does not imply validation of its 'religious authority'. These sources are always open to debate / discussion and critique.

4. Appreciates the efforts of the intellectuals and thinkers of the past and present. However, this does not imply that their views are to be followed as if they possess divine authority. Their thoughts are always open to scrutiny and critique.

5. Does not reject the 'Ahadith corpus' in toto on the basis of its inauthenticity. Whilst the corpus may have doubtful integrity, it is the 'religious authority' of the corpus which is denied.

6. The Biblical scriptures, the particular canons available during the Quran's revelation are appreciated with a view to engage with. They are to be utilised if a further enquiry to context is of interest. It is important to remember that the Prophet was also referred back to the knowledgeable folk from the People of the Book to verify claims if he was in doubt (16:43; 21:7-8).

7. Does not dismiss traditions outright. Only those traditions, practices and beliefs are dismissed that are deemed to be incongruent with the overarching message of the Quran. There is no intention to 'throw the baby out with the bathwater'.


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