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I am still learning Arabic and i wonder what "Islaam" means according to the root dictionaires. I am also interested in what the word "Muslim" means according to the root dictionaries.

Am i correct, and do they both have the same root, which means peace? But what does the "aalif" means in "I-slaam"?
And does "Muslim" then litteraly mean peacemaker?

Please answer with references and sources :)! Thanks in advance.
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As far as I know, it basically means "to surrender, to submit". But i guess it also has another meaning that is "peace". So basically "muslim" means "the one who surrenders to Allah"

Allah knows best...

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I believe it can have two theoretical meanings based on the Arabic form:

islam = submission/surrender / peacemaking

muslim = one who submits/surrenders or makes peace (i.e. peacemaker)

AFAIK these words are not special and have no inherent link with God. That is a later attachment to the literal meaning mentioned above.

There has been extensive discussion on this on free-minds forum etc.