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Dear Brother Joseph
As-sa Lamualikum . Ramadan Kareem . May Allah keep you in good health .
I have been tired to get specific answer ( YEs or NO ) regarding performing  Salah ( Farz/Compulsory) . You told there is no problem to perform Salah with congregation as traditional form . My question is , can I perform salah ( Farz/Compulsory) alone in my house ? Does Quran permit muslim to perform Salah alone in his house ? If I perform farz Salah ( Fazar , Johar, Asar ,Magrib , Esha ) alone in my house then can I say any number of rakat ? Traditional prayer has a certain rakat but most of the time I can not count or remember the number of rakat in my prayer . I will be glad if you give me time to make this understand . This is Ramadan Month . I will be much grateful if you share how you perform Salah in Ramadan Month ? You just can give your position on your personal practice . I normally do not debate on any topics and just hear and if I get best meaning and thought I accept to follow .

Thank you

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Dear Beyond Tradition,

Wa alaikum assalam,

As you have solicited my humble opinion, my view would be that one can pray in the house or in the mosque.

My personal order of preference would be as follows:

  • Pray in a mosque in congregation.
  • Pray outside the mosque (home or elsewhere) in congregation.
  • Pray outside the mosque (home or elsewhere) alone.

If you cannot remember the exact number of rakats, then I would try to complete the salaat with best endeavours given the number of rakats you think you have completed and finishing with the rest of what you intended to pray. You can follow the traditional method or you can pray extra rakats / units if you wish.

As I have mentioned before, I have not found any cogent warrant to break tradition if it satisfies the general gist of the Quran's requirements. This is particularly the case, when the Quran has not specifically legislated on an action.

I hope this helps, God willing,



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Dear Brother Joseph ,
God bless you . I really appreciate your humble thought in perspective of the Quran.
This will help me much to do duty to God more perfectly.
Thank you so much to give me the time.