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I discovered your website few days ago and I became so obsessed. The way I got Quranic messages (though I don't Understand Arabic and use dictionary) is same as you. In last few days I spent significant portion of the day, reading your articles. I can't wait to read all of them, though I am a very busy person.

I read a lot from different Quranists before, but I disagreed with them always at some point. I felt that the most common accusation about Quranists is true. Many of them just want to prove something that is opposite to Sunnah. Sometimes they become direction less. I like your way that, you reject everything that contradicts Quran and you are not reluctant  to current practices that doesn’t  contradict Quran but just provides additional direction.

I am sending this message just to say you thank you and encourage you. The only harm you did is, I was reading Quran extensively based on different questions/topics and I got all the answers from your site (which also seemed convincing  to me). It reduced my daily Quran reading. Your website didn’t fail to provide any topic I was looking for.

Thanks again.

Keep it up.