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Those who believe in God + salat
« on: November 23, 2020, 03:55:39 PM »
Peace brothers and sisters.

When reading 2:62 i encounter a question that i cant find the answer to. In the verse it says those who believe in God and do righteous deeds will have no fear and grief. But in the beginning of sura 2 it says that salat is also among the prerequisites. How do you understand these two together?

Is belier in God and righteous deeds enough? If so why the need of salat for salvation.

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Re: Those who believe in God + salat
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2020, 03:17:48 PM »
Dear Pouyah,

Peace to you,

In my view, basically, I encounter a fundamental distinction of two different aspects of the character of a Muslim or believer in the verses shared. That of being a believer and that preceding belief. See the distinction as highlighted below.

(1). An expected character which is necessary but not independently enough for religious success of a believer (22:78). Hence this specifically applies to a believer

(2). An optional commitment (2:256) not necessary (76:3) but independently enough for the collective success of mankind (103:3). Thus, this applies to people in general

Therefore, while the belief in God and acting righteously is optional, it is enough for success of a person in God’s eyes (2:62) as confirmed also in 5:69 in line with point (2). This is because, with true belief in God comes commitment to what God expects of the believer which is what is highlighted in 2:3-5 since a true believer submits totally as in 2:285 hence point (1) above. However, in the absence of any God revealed scripture for guidance or for the general masses, the fundamental requirement still lies within the scope of belief in God and acting righteously thus point (2).

In summary, it is to be noted that verses 2:1-5 simply describe the character of believers who are receptive to guidance (2:2) hence success (2:5). They believe in the unseen, establish swalaat, give zakat and believe in all revealed scriptures (hence all prophets - making no distinctions among them) as prerequisites to true belief. These are the successful among believers.

On the other hand, verse 2:62 highlights the fundamental requirement to success of a human being with God. Mankind is lost unless he establishes belief and act righteously exercising justice and patience (103:1-3). When he establishes belief, verses 2:1-5 do apply in presence of a God revealed scripture. Otherwise, his fate is accounted for with respect to verse 103:3.

I hope that helps.