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Al Quran Vs What We Know & Practice
« on: February 17, 2023, 08:37:18 PM »

This channel repudiates - in the light of Al Quran - some false beliefs shared by the ummah almost unanimously.

Narration of history, quotes of the ancient, traditions passed on, copies of books - even written books - may somehow change, as time flows. Yet, Al Quran - the book of Allah - remains pure, and unaltered. For that, no one deserves much credit except that Allah has willed to preserve it. If doubt ever crosses our mind, the logical coherence of the Holy Quran reaffirms our faith. Only the fools - who perceive not - see any non-existent inconsistency. If anything else - anything at all - contradicts clear verses of Al Quran, then, even if the entire universe believes in it, Al Quran speaks the truth, while that thing is - surely - a lie. Allah is free from any need of the universe.