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Code 19
« on: November 09, 2011, 06:30:30 AM »
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...From my humble understanding (and a little off the fence given my last post on this subject) the Quran gives the purpose of the number 19 in the Quran

(1) As in indication of the appointment of 'malaika' to be keepers of the fire
(2) The number present as a trial for those who are bent upon denying the truth (Kaffir).

There is no third informing that it represents a code of any particular kind or instructs believers to look for it.

In my humble view and reading of the verse, I believe that Point (2) is further extrapolated and describes those that make the number a criterion to judge one's true faith (some do). They believe that:

(i) 'This admonition should grant certainty to those who received the Scripture before while the believers shall increase in faith' [QXP]

(ii) 'The believers and those who have been given the Scripture before shall harbour no doubt to this declaration' [QXP]

But the main pivotal question, which for me goes to the crux of the issue is, who is asking the question 'madha arada l-lahu bihadha mathalan"? (What does God mean by this parable?") [QXP]

Most true believers believe in the veracity of the Quran with all their hearts. They don't ask this question. Nor have 1400 years of Muslims really asked this question (before its discovery) to obtain a definitive answer.

The Quran tells you clearly who asks this question "

'alladhina fi qulubihim maradun wal-kafiruna' (those in whose hearts is a disease and the disbelievers)

QXP captures the essence of the condition:

'The hypocrites and deniers' [QXP]

Hand on heart (no pun intended), before anyone can embark on ratifying this code, would they not have to ask the question "What does God mean by this parable?" QXP?

Really my brothers and sisters, would this question not need to be asked? Is this not remotely troubling?

I have kept to the verses for now as this is not the place for a detailed expose of all the arguments. A great debate has already been captured in 'Running Like Zebras' and I am sure on other forums which most seasoned frequenters will be familiar with.

However, I hope only to impart my own difficulty when I read these verses in the overall context of the Quran.

Just my humble thoughts. No 'GiL' (Arabic *) intended with anyone for or against this theory. Personally, I find it difficult to support in light of the verses.

* see 7:43 for meaning and usage of GiL.
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