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Asalam Aleikum,

I have a question regarding this article about dogs:'s%20catch%20FM3.htm

In your text you say :
Many Muslims are aware of the Quranic narrative of the cave sleepers of Chapter 18 (Surah Kahf) who had with them a dog that also slept with them for hundreds of years (God alone knowing exactly how long 18:26).

I would like to know how do we know that the dog was still alive when they woke up? Is there any Quranic reference.

Thanking you in advance,

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Re: Was the Dog in Surah Kahf alive when the Cave Sleepers Awoke?
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Salamun Alaikum.

In my humble view, there would be no point of assisting the dog to stretch his two forelegs (basitun dhira'ayhi) if the intention was not to keep the dog alive. Please see verse 18:18 in which they were all asleep as evident from the start of the verse "wahum ruqudun" (while they (were) asleep).

As the dog is mentioned in this way in 18:18 as asleep yet physically active, the awakening of them (ba'athnahum) with the plural pronoun 'hum' would most likely include them all as no exception of the dog is given.

I hope this helps, God willing.
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