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Dear brother Joseph,

I have read your article titled 'Studying the Quran' and have been following your advice of reading and comparing various translations to overcome translator's bias and get a good understanding of the overarching message of the Quran. This advice has been very helpful indeed.

But alike many people born into muslim households, I was taught to read the Quran in its original Classical Arabic, but I do not understand the Classical Arabic language. It deeply saddens me that I can read it but can't understand it, so I decided to learn the language. There are many websites such as that contain many book series' and audio programs to choose from, can you please take a look at the resources listed in the webpage (link provided above) and recommend me the books that  can help me the most from that list. the list is very long and I think reading all the books will confuse me more and really not help me to learn the language faster. And also if you have additional books and advice that can help me learn the language easily, please share them.

Also in your above mentioned articles, you asked us to read tafsirs or commentaries that remain true to the Quran's own context and usage of words, can you name some of these tafsirs so that I can start reading them?

Eagerly Looking forward to your advice brother.

Thank you
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