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To: Joseph Islam

Aslam o Alaikum!

I loved your articles and they were extremely helpful to me. I wanted to ask something which I couldn't find in your website: ( about Beards, Anal Sex, and multiple verses saying: "obey the messenger" when he is already deceased(may he rest in peace). Could you explain them?

One more thing: I plan to study Arabic as a subject(includes: Classical Standard Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic, Literature, Linguistics and other related etc...) in the near future, In Shaa Allah; should I study Arabic language from an Imam or directly from an institution in which the professors have no connection to Islam because there are many conservative and biased Muslims nowadays and I don't want to fall into the trap of accepting their opinions which is not my strong point.

Thanks. Keep it up!

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Wa alaikum assalam

There are articles / commentary on the subjects you have mentioned:

The Scope of Sexual Permissibility Between Husband and Wife

Keeping a Beard

Obey Allah (God) and the Messenger

The Arabic language can be learnt from any source, religious or otherwise. In my humble view, it is the teacher / source which is most important (multiple feedback, reputation would be key to discern), not the avenue.

I hope this helps, God willing
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