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Appreciation of your work
« on: July 31, 2018, 04:45:27 AM »
Selamun Aleykum brother

I came across your website while researching Islam and I must say I am very impressed. You are very clear and throrough in your explanation with regards to everything and your knowledge and enthusiasm is evident.

Though I disagree with you on certain subjects, overall, your attitude and desire to do your utmost best with the best of intentions is evident once one ardenlty reads through your website. As I said there are certain things I disagree with and would like to discuss but I imagine you are very busy and the subjects do require discussion rather than a Q&A.

I noticed you missed out the name of Prophet Moses in your article on whether Prophet Mohammed really is the descendent of Prophet Abraham on the mention of 006. 83-89.

When I noticed it, it gave me an excuse to send you a message to inform you of my appreciation of your work. I am yet to come across another website which is as thorough and informative.

I am sure you are busy so I will keep it short. I haven't finished reading through your whole website but it is very very helpful so far. Thanks again for your hard work. May God reward your efforts and guide us all to His straight path.